New ‘gym’ Looks To Attract Esports Athletes

New ‘gym’ Looks To Attract Esports Athletes

New ‘gym’ Looks To Attract Esports Athletes

“ Most people have heard stories about how pro athletes became stars.  The early mornings and very late nights spent honing their craft has always been an essential part of creating a legend.  But what do you do if your talent isn’t ice skating, baseball, or tennis?  What if your special skills are lightning-quick reflexes, hand-eye coordination, and clicking a controller?

Professional video gaming – or esports – has become a multi-billion dollar industry.  But if you want to join the ranks of the great professional gamers, you’re going to need to hit a very special type of gym.  And John Fazio thinks he’s got the solution.  He’s the CEO of Nerd Street Gamers, a new nationwide esports training facility with a mission, in Fazio’s words, “to increase accessibility to esports.”

And the brand is looking to expand as the professional competitive gaming scene continues to grow, opening new facilities where esports athletes train for gameplay.  And Fazio says it isn’t just about strategy and practice.  It’s also about what happens when they become famous in their world, with Nerd Street exploring “the production that goes into getting one of these tournaments broadcast online, the cameras, the casting talent, the coordination.”

And as the esports industry continues to grow, Fazio and others say side businesses that revolve around them will grow as well.  And that creates new opportunities for student-athletes, with Fazio pointing out you play games every single day, but, there’s also this whole world of the life of, life and career and educational opportunities that can come from competing in this sport.

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