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HALO wars

There is no question that StarCraft is not quite the big deal in eSports that it once was. MOBAS are in when it comes to strategy games…

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shanghai guidelines

The development of eSports is a “city-level strategy,” which will fuel the development of various industries and create a new business ecosystem, according to Yu Xiufeng, director of Shanghai’s culture and tourism administration…

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e health

Love to hate gaming all you want, but the winner of the Fortnite World Cup earlier this month made more money ($3 million) than the winner of this year’s Wimbledon Championship ($2.85 million) and Masters Tournament ($2.07 million)…

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Privately set, cutting edge data solutions


Flexible specialization by microservices


Actionable insights, decentralized


Defined and limited only by imagination


Four offices across four continents

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Cutting edge, automated solutions collate and streamline a world of real-time information


Microservice Architecture

Personalized, actionable qualitative and quantitative insights. Zero trust architecture, zero knowledge proof and zero lag time


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Unite real-time data of players, teams, publishers, operations and venues. Integrated platforms combine breaking news, research and cutting edge analysis


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Esports data types are varied, but the requirement for up to date, impeccable and trusted insight remains consistent. We tailor your direct access


Confirming The Best

Providing confirmed data sets that individuals and corporations need to stay ahead. Targets, global analysis, sentiment and more are seamlessly integrated

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