Actionable intelligence

from insider analysis

01. Custom Portals

Microservice architecture and completely bespoke solutions, from visual preferences to global data source choices

02. Data On Demand

Delivering, to any internet-connected device, fast access to indispensable news and global updates

03. Optimized

Tailored reports, end-to-end encryption further set using multi-node, privatized and decentralized ledger solutions

We build next level, cutting edge custom networks

Full Customization

Collated, verified and continually updated data, as the industry constantly evolves

On Schedule

The right information in real-time for you to effectively coordinate and execute any function

Digital Expertise

News, analytics, macro to micro with event schedules, covering everything you need

All intents & purposes

Global connectivity to real-time data is your competitive edge. Bespoke industry intelligence, advanced analytics with select premium access is only available here

Cost Advantage

Do More With Less

Our microservices work around the clock so you don’t have to.  Customization involves simply selecting the services you wish, the rest is taken care of

With nearly zero downtime and splintered security, data updates move at the speed of connection, averaging 1GB per second 

Analytics & Tracking

In Real Time