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Esports Players League secures $1 million

Esports Players League secures $1 million

Esports Players League secures $1 million 578 374 esctoday

Esports Players League secures $1 million, 500 Startups leads investment


The Esports Players League announced today that it has finished a seed round worth $1 million. Venture capital firm 500 Startups lead the round.

Esports Players League would not disclose how much 500 Startups contributed but did not that it’s a “significant portion” of the $1 million total. This $1 million in funding will help ESPL launch its first tournaments. The company’s first season will run from April to November 2020. Its headquarters is in Singapore.

Esports Players League is a new esports tournament and platform company. It plans to have a global footprint in 16 countries. While many esports organizations like ESL focus on PC and console, ESPL will devote much of its energy to mobile. Esports is a hotbed for investments. Earlier this year, ProGuides raised $5 million for its competitive gaming coaching platform.

“Through ESPL’s national franchise model, up-and-coming esports talents can easily participate in global competitions,” EPL notes in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “By facilitating grassroots participation in what is a rapidly expanding market, ESPL has direct access and exposure to a large, valuable, and often overlooked segment of the esports industry.”